Military Police Experience Matters at Arrow Security

Advantages of a Military or Police Background

Why Military and Police Experience Matters to Arrow Security.

The U.S. military and regional police programs require team members to undergo some of the most rigorous training in the world. People who serve as law enforcement officers or in the armed forces exit their time on duty with more self-discipline and respect for procedure. They also have developed a history of successfully dealing with conflict.

However, many ex-military or ex-law enforcement members have difficulty finding a job after they leave a life in service. The skills and attitudes that served them well in their previous careers don’t always fit easily into civilian life.

Arrow Security not only values military and law enforcement service but also actively recruits veterans. The training such individuals undergo dovetails neatly into the training required as a security professional. The discipline, attitude, and desire to protect and serve are also highly prized by every team member at Arrow Security.

Arrow Recognizes the Value of Military and Law Enforcement Training Programs

Pete Curio, Chief Executive Officer at Arrow Security, is a veteran of a NYC law enforcement academy. “When I was seventeen, my only job was as a fast food worker. When my older brother got a job in security at a nearby retailer, I was jealous. The prospect of being a security professional sounded way better than flipping hamburgers. So, when I turned eighteen, I joined him. I initially handled access control for a Times Square store. But they just dropped me in place. I didn’t have any training. And as a teenager, I certainly didn’t have any knowledge or great interpersonal communication skills. I did the best that I could. But I made quite a few mistakes.”

Curcio decided to pursue a law enforcement field at age twenty. He spent six months in the correction academy. “As I completed my training, I realized how bad I had been as a security guard,” says Curcio. “I could see in hindsight that I had made mistakes. With the help of great training by the correction academy and with the support of a highly effective and disciplined department, I learned how to manage tricky situations while still following rules and regulations. Law enforcement’s commitment to well-defined procedures helped me succeed. No wonder that I developed such a deep respect for the power of effective processes and protocol. While my law enforcement experience didn’t matter to many industries, in security, my experience allowed me to secure a good salary and rise quickly in the organization.”

Veterans Bring Valuable Experience to the Job

When ex-military or ex-police apply, Arrow can quickly build on past training. This shorter route to success not only makes these applicants more desirable for entry-level positions but it also makes them better candidates for promotions, raises, and placement within elite cadres.

“There are a range of opportunities for ex-military and ex-police at Arrow,” Curcio emphasizes. “Sometimes we post them in high-profile positions, but other times we provide lower stress, part-time positions. For example, we have retired law enforcement doing part-time security at various schools. For retired officers with a pension, it’s a great way to supplement their income and stay close to home. The school gets the benefit of someone who is very highly trained and highly exposed.”

In other instances, veterans are looking to start a new career. They can handle the duties of top-tier guards. “If they are looking to move up, military and police experience usually puts them at the front of the line,” he says. “We often promote experienced guards like these to an account manager position or even regional supervision duties. We’d love to have more of these kinds of veterans at Arrow. It’s a win-win for everybody.”

A Place to Work with Other Veterans

When people with law enforcement or military backgrounds join Arrow Security, they’ll find they fit in quickly. Arrow has a deep bench of veterans at every level. Even Curcio has spent time on the force. “This is a place where you’ll meet a lot of co-workers with similar backgrounds,” Curio notes. “That’s important for many people who are transitioning into the civilian world. Your co-workers understand where you’re coming from, the value you bring, and the challenges you face. Having lots of veterans as co-workers makes it easier to get up to speed, fit in, and find friends among your fellow workers.”

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