Arrow Security's Sales Incentive Program
Earn Money When You Provide Us a Winning Referral!

We want to pay you for helping us grow sales.  Provide Arrow with a qualified lead that turns into a meeting, and we will pay you $100.  If that lead turns into a sale, you can earn as much as $3,000.

So, what is a qualified lead?  Simply put, anywhere that has Security Officers.  It could be a location where you previously worked, a location where a friend works as a Security Officer or somewhere that you know that currently has Security Officers.  It’s that easy!

Just fill out and submit the Sales Incentive Program Qualified Lead Form below.  We will take care of the rest and keep you in the loop.  Please see Sales Incentive Program Payout for all the details.

What are you waiting for?  Fill out the Sales Incentive Lead Form today!

Employee Sales Incentive Form

Arrow Employee?
Company Address
Name of Person in Charge of Security Officers and Title
Sales Incentive Program Payout

$100 for any lead that turns into an appointment.

If that Qualified Lead turns into a sale – The incentive below is payable upon contract signing.

  • 168 HPW - $1,000
  • 168 HPW to 504 HPW - $2,000
  • 504 HPW+ - $3,000