Meet Our Client Success Manager: Laura Lauricella

Laura Lauricella joined Arrow Security about a year ago as our Client Success Manager. As the client Success Manager, Laura applies her 15 years of experience in the security industry to help potential clients transition into customers and work with current customers to build solid and long-term relationships. 

Laura started her career with Bowles Security Services. She entered the security field with little knowledge but caught on fast with the help of her first mentor Alan Bowles. Alan helped develop her expertise and gave her the opportunity she needed to enter the security industry. 

While Laura was very appreciative that Alan Bowles gave her a chance in this field as a single mother with little experience, she moved on to other companies when Bowles Corporate Security Services was sold. After that, Laura had her share of obstacles as a woman in security and would advise other women longing to be in this field “to get to the business and never give up.” Laura further stated that “I am fortunate now to be at Arrow Security where I feel appreciated and valued.” 

Laura credits her strength and determination to her mother, who she lost to cancer five years ago this July, and her great-grandfather, Alfred Albert White (both born and raised in Southampton, England). Her great-grandfather worked as one of the ship’s firemen on the titanic and survived. Read more of his story: Alfred Albert White.

Laura has also raised and rode horses her entire life and dedicates her free time to rescuing animals. She is truly a strong and determined woman who tries to do some good every day. Arrow Security is lucky to have Laura Lauricella on our team, and she is truly one of a kind in her field.