Message from Chief Operating Officer

Dear Arrow Employees,

I wanted to take a moment to share that, prior to starting a 25-year career in law enforcement many years ago, I was, like many of you, a Security Officer. I was assigned to a retail store in Elmont, N.Y., doing many of the same things that you presently do daily. I reflect fondly upon my security role and, many years later, find myself coming full circle as the Chief Operating Officer of one of the top security companies in the nation. I took the job because my brother James, a Security Officer working here, told me about his job. As a result, I took a leap, left my high-profile job at McDonald’s, and relished in the greater prestige of the security role and the great responsibility to impact and protect people and property.

Like my first security job many years ago, Arrow Security is very much a family business. My children and friends have worked or presently work for Arrow as Security Officers, the owner’s children have worked as Security Officers for Arrow, and many of our corporate team members and clients’ friends and families do as well. Arrow prefers to give family and friends the first opportunity for employment because we are family, want to hire family, and know that family members and friends of Arrow will reflect better upon the company and our clients. Did you also know that Arrow operates in 9 states? So please speak with family and friends. If they are interested in one of the many security opportunities Arrow has, they can go to:

If they want to work for Arrow but don’t have a security license, Arrow would be happy to guide them through the process and may even sponsor serious candidates you refer and present their names to your regional team for review through your account manager or another local team member. For our current team members, please remember to keep up with your annual training. In the past, we have had to remove Officers who did not maintain their annual training or renew their license before the expiration date. We thank you for all you do and appreciate your dedication to the Arrow family and our clients!


Peter G. Curcio, Chief Operations Officer