Arrow Hero: Officer Lalona Banks (Jacksonville, FL)

Arrow Security is very honored to have Officer Lalona Banks on our team! Through her diligence and quick actions, she became an Arrow Hero. On 3/27/2021, Officer Lalona Banks discovered a building fire around 2:00 am. Her immediate response to the situation saved lives and prevented a significant amount of property damage. 

Officer Banks smelled and observed smoke in an outdoor breezeway that seemed unusual. Upon a closer inspection by Officer Banks, she found that the smoke was coming from the building’s exterior wall. It appeared the building was beginning to catch fire. Ms. Banks immediately notified the Fire Department and her Supervisor.

Upon the Fire Department’s arrival, Officer Banks informed them the apartments were occupied and successfully evacuated at adults and children from various units on fire. As a result, the Fire Department extinguished the fire before it could spread to other areas of the property. Due to Officer Banks’ attentiveness to her duties and quick response to a dangerous situation, her actions saved lives and prevented a significant amount of property damage.

Thank you for all that you do, Officer Banks! We are proud and grateful to have you on our team.