Security Officer Huberman Dumas

Arrow Security Officer Huberman Dumas

Arrow Security is proud to introduce one of our long-standing Security Officers, Huberman Dumas. Mr. Dumas joined our team eight years ago and has worked with many of Arrow Security’s clients. Mr. Dumas is a hardworking, dedicated Officer and family man. We are highlighting Mr. Dumas as the Security officer of the month after one of New York’s most respectable hospitals provided fantastic reviews like:

“Not only do we feel safer when Dumas is around, he also has this wonderful ability to make both our staff and patients feel happier with his warm smile and cheerful morning greetings. We have heard from many patients recently how Dumas has made their visits to Westchester so special proving he’s the best and how lucky we are to have him as a part of our team!”

Another patient stated that “Mr. Dumas located my husband for me who fell asleep in his car. He went far and above and a true Gentleman, compassionate and should be commended.”

But perhaps one recent patient sums it up the best,

“Dumas is the brightest light in this very dark world we live in! He is always so pleasant and willing to help. He greets you with a smile and brightens your day. What this world needs more of is people like Dumas! He is an absolute joy!”

Mr. Dumas is a great asset who goes above and beyond, and we are grateful to have him on our team.

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